My dad let me use his grown-up Argus manual 35mm camera when I was about 12 years old.  He taught me how to use his light meter, which I still have, and he showed me how to create a double-exposure by rolling the film back so another photo could be exposed in the same frame.  I was hooked!  

I learned to develop film and create prints in high school.  And continued those studies at Merrimack College where I declared a Fine Arts Minor in Studio Photography to go along with my Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. 

Today, it is the ability to capture those fleeting moments in time that are often overlooked... an unusual cloud formation, the golden glow from a sunset, a dragonfly on a nearby flower, or a ship passing by in the harbor that fascinates me. 

My landscapes and seascapes reflect my strong love of the New England Coastline. I spent my childhood summers on Parker River in Newbury, MA, sailing with my family in our restored Cape Cod Cat Boat, “Moby Dick.”   My family has a long history and solid roots on Cape Ann and Gloucester, having settled in the town of Lanesville in the 1600’s.  I am proud to know that I am a descendant of a long line of sailors, fishermen, sail makers and  well-known marine artist Fitz Henry (Hugh) Lane, who lived in Gloucester in the 1800's.  So, it is only natural that my love for the ocean shows through in my photos. 


In my "spare" time, I volunteer as a “Conservation Ambassador” at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge (PRNWR).   I am particularly pleased to be able to share, protect and educate others about this pristine refuge where I spent all my childhood summers.  

I am also a Certified International Chili Society (ICS) Chili Judge.  All of the profits from the ICS Chili Cookoffs go to charities like the Make a Wish Foundation, The Special Olympics and The American Cancer Society.  

Also a musician, I have played traditional flutes for most of my life, and more recently, Native American wooden flutes.  I love the experience of sharing music with others and regularly attend the Woodland Flute Circle Gatherings in Stowe, MA.  

I am also a proud member of the Pease Greeters, a group of citizens who greet our troops coming and going overseas at Portsmouth International Tradeport at all hours of the day and night.  

Astrophotography is a recently acquired skill and fascination for me.  The most fun part of photographing the night sky is discovering the many elements that appear in a photograph that were not visible to the naked eye.  I have captured meteors, comets and even the Andromeda Galaxy!  And using night sky settings, I was able to capture firefly light trails.  That was a real thrill for me!  An album of my night sky photos can be seen here on Flickr:


Random Facts About Me: 

My friends call me Patty.

My daily goal:  Try to learn something new everyday.

I can notarize a document for you. 

Favorite food: Beach pizza

Favorite poets: John Greenleaf Whittier and Ogden Nash

Favorite sounds: A foghorn and the sound of a train in the distance.